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2023 Driven by Data Series - Competitive Compensation On Demand

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Driven by Data - Competitive Compensation was held virtually on Wednesday, February 1 at 1:00 PM CST. This on-demand course provides you with the recording of the webinar, and a pdf of the slides presented. If you have any questions regarding the data presented, please reach out to research@zweiggroup.com.

The 2023 Driven By Data Webinar Series is a collection of virtual courses designed to educate and inform attendees on a specific topic in Zweig Group's leading AEC industry research. The first installment of this year's webinar series is Competitive Compensation, specifically targeting data analyzed from the 2023 Salary Reports of AEC Firms.

"Salary increases were strongest for entry-level and early career engineering professionals with fewer than seven years of experience. This group outpaced their elders by quite a margin, which continues to be one of the dynamics firm leaders and HR professionals grapple with as they map career progression and compensation ranges in their organizations." - Will Swearingen, The Zweig Letter, originally published January 22, 2023

In this webinar, Zweig Group's Director of Data Analytics, Keith Sequeira, Principal and Director of Ownership Transition, Will Swearingen, and Strategy Advisor, Tom Godin, will analyze career progression compared to the latest compensation ranges, trends in wage growth, and so much more.