Employee Experience

Employee Experience

At the heart of your teams, there's a significant amount of trust and responsibility. These are the people who keep the ball moving. Improving the experience of work does nothing but good for the team and for the firm.

We understand the problems

Building great rapport with your employees' concerns is more than free espresso and bring-your-dog-to-work day. It's a deeper understanding of what drives them – and what keeps them happy.

Zweig tackles the deeper issues behind employee performance and helps your team function better as a whole.

Our Approach

Zweig Group leverages your employee’s insights and data to tackle the deeper issues behind employee performance and to anticipate the needs and expectations of employees to create a positive workplace environment. Our comprehensive survey tool gives you access to real employee feedback and benchmarks your firm against the industry’s Best Firms to Work For

Positive Employee Experience Benefits

Research has shown that a positive employee experience can lead to increased productivity, better customer service, and improved financial performance for organizations.


Employees who report a positive experience have 16 times the engagement level of employees with a negative experience and 8 times more likely to want to want to stay at a company.

Source: McKinsey & Company

Organizations that score in the top 25% on employee experience see nearly 3x the return on assets and 2x the return on sales compared to organizations in the bottom quartile.

Source: IBM and Workhuman

How it Works

Employee Survey

Our comprehensive survey of 130+ questions will capture insights including, Culture, Compensation, Benefits, Professional Development and Performance Management. Get benchmarking data against the industry’s Best Firms to Work For.

Qualitative Data

The real substance is in the commentary. We will capture these details and highlight the main themes.

Demographic Breakdown

Analyze your EX based on demographics to generate relevant engagement ideas and pinpoint areas of strength and weakness among different groups at your firm. Demographics include location, years of experience, years with your firm, job title/position, gender identity, race/ethnicity and age range.

Expert Analysis and Review

Our experts will provide a full assessment and review, along with recommendations for action items for your team.


Employee Experience

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