Zweig Group Awards

Join the growing list of successful Zweig Group award winners.

Zweig Group’s awards program has recognized and celebrated AEC industry firms for more than 20 years. Wondering what kind of firm wins a Zweig Group award? See the prestigious list of previous winners in the Best Firms To Work For, Marketing Excellence Awards, and Hot Firm List, among others.

Other Awards

2024 Trifecta Award Bundle
Firms who have won the Trifecta have won the Hot Firm List, the Best Firms To Work For Awards, and the Marketing Excellence Award in the same year.
2024 Top New Venture Award
This award honors a group of fast growing start-ups on the basis of revenue and employment growth, as well as entrepreneurism and a spirit of innovation.
2024 Jerry Allen Courage in Leadership Award
This award is given each year to an AEC professional who has made tremendous impact on the company through courageous leadership.
Rising Stars In The AEC Industry Award
Recognizing younger professionals whose exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, effective teaching or research, or public service has benefited the design professions, their employers, project owners, and society.