TZL Podcast: Dave Witsken

Mar 21, 2024

"Having a good strategy enables good organic growth, both revenue and people.”

  • Dave Witsken
  • About the Guest:

    Dave Witsken is the CEO of UES, a company widely recognized in the architectural, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting spaces for its exceptional growth and industry impact. UES, under Dave's leadership, has notably achieved the status of a three-time "Hot Firm" winner, identifying them as the number one firm in the Hot Firm awards for three consecutive years. Dave's tenure has been marked by strategic expansion, including a substantial number of successful acquisitions that have significantly bolstered the firm's national presence and capabilities. His expertise is deeply rooted in creating synergies among acquired companies and fostering environments that propel both revenue growth and personal career advancements within UES.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode of the Zweig Letter podcast, host Randy Wilburn welcomes Dave Witsken, CEO of UES, to delve into the secrets behind the company's string of accolades as a "Hot Firm." Dave's insights give listeners a window into the robust strategies that have propelled UES to the pinnacle of the AEC industry.

    Through the evolution of the UES infrastructure and the strategic emphasis on acquisitions, Dave delineates the importance of aligning new entities with existing ones to generate organic growth and cross-selling opportunities. The episode navigates through the complexities of integrating new firms, ensuring cultural coherence, and fostering leadership that resonates with UES’s STRIVE values: Safety, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Integrity, Value, and Excellence.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Strategic Acquisitions: UES's focus on strategic acquisitions has been a linchpin for its consistent success, with company culture and post-acquisition integration playing critical roles.
    • Employee Development: Investment in advanced training, paid certifications, and opportunities for employee shareholding underscores UES's commitment to personal and professional development.
    • Recruitment: Dave emphasizes the challenges and strategies for recruiting in a talent-constrained environment, highlighting the allure of impactful projects and career advancement.
    • Innovation and Improvement: Technology and innovation are pivotal in adding value, improving customer experience, and boosting employee engagement at UES.
    • Looking Ahead in M&A: Key criteria for evaluating potential acquisitions by UES include leadership tenure post-acquisition, cultural fit, financial health, and the future growth trajectory.


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    Discover the intricate layers of UES's standout leadership in this exceptional conversation with its CEO, Dave Witsken. Tune in to the full episode for an invaluable dive into the dynamics of strategic growth in the AEC industry, and stay with us for more episodes that cast light on the design industry's path toward elevation.

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