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As the founding sponsor of the ACEC Research Institute’s Diversity Roadmap benchmarking tool, Zweig Group fully recognizes the crucial role that DEI&B plays in shaping the optimal employee experience, and ultimately solving the number one challenge in the AEC industry – recruitment and retention.

Together, we can shape a better future for our industry that prioritizes the people in it.


The Best Firms to Work For award celebrates the top engineering firms that prioritize their employees' well-being and create an exceptional workplace culture.


Take the next step and gain a more comprehensive understanding of your employees' perspectives. Participating in Zweig Group’s Best Firms to Work For award offers an opportunity to gather feedback directly from your employees and gain a deep understanding of how they experience the culture you work hard to create. You also have the opportunity to be recognized as one of the best firms in the industry and showcase your commitment to DEI&B and employee experience.

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Zweig Group is committed to helping engineering firms excel and create a positive impact in their organizations. We aim to support firms on their journey towards fostering an exceptional employee experience. 

About ACEC Diversity Roadmap

The ACEC Research Institute’s Diversity Roadmap is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) maturity model and benchmarking tool available for ACEC member firms.

The Diversity Roadmap provides engineering firms representing the built environment with a structured approach to assess, monitor, and advance their DEI&B efforts. It allows them to align with industry standards, attract diverse talent, and create an inclusive workplace that promotes innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth.

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Note: Participation in the Best Firms to Work For award is separate from the ACEC Diversity Roadmap Benchmarking survey but can complement your efforts to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture.