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An interactive platform to access employee survey data and industry benchmarks

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Zweig Insights is Zweig Group's newest offering to provide highly detailed employee engagement intelligence to clients and Best Firm to Work for Award program participants. The platform creates an interactive relationship where users can access their employee survey data and industry benchmarks in a seamless environment.

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AEC firms are up against constant competition to keep their staff engaged and motivated. Access to the Zweig Insights portal will allow firm leaders to understand in greater detail where their policies, procedures, and benefits programs are successful and where they may need to make improvements. This is the first iteration of a new product line that represents the core of Zweig Group's research engine and will be brought to users with new data visualization tools.

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    New Data Visualization Tools

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Zweig Group continues to build programs and critical benchmarking data into the platform for our programs in 2023 and beyond - so get plugged in and stay tuned!


Zweig Group has produced surveys and corresponding business intelligence reports for over three decades and administered awards programs to successful firms in the AEC industry for nearly just as long. The Zweig Insights platform was created to help our customers, clients, and award participants access their information in industry context more quickly and through a seamless interaction. Our Platform will allow firm leaders to access their employee feedback surveys in a way they’ve never been able to before. You can’t get this level of information anywhere else!

By offering our 2022 Best Firms to Work For awards winners a unique discount and first-time access, we encourage you to login to your firm's profile and start interacting with your data!