AI Innovation Discovery

AI Innovation Discovery

We specialize in providing tailored guidance, consulting, and training to architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms on how to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business operations. With the rapid advancement of AI, it is crucial for firms to adopt and manage AI technologies to stay competitive in your respective markets. However, implementing AI and its oversight can be complex and requires careful consideration of the right programs, policies, procedures, and training to ensure successful integration.

Our AI Innovation Discovery Team has extensive knowledge and experience in both AI and AEC.

We provide valuable insight into how to best understand and seamlessly merge and adapt AI into your organizational structure. Let us guide you and optimize the impact of AI on your operations, identify areas where AI can be implemented, and develop a roadmap for successful AI adoption.

Because every firm is different regarding talent and resources, our approach is customized to your unique needs and abilities, and we work closely with you to understand their specific business processes, technology infrastructure, and organizational culture to ensure that the AI solutions we recommend align with their goals and objectives. We provide end-to-end consulting services, from initial planning and strategy development to implementation and ongoing support.

We are passionate about both AI and AEC, committed to delivering exceptional results and helping you achieve their goals through the successful adoption of AI technologies.

Our on-going training equips employees to use AI technologies effectively.

Our training programs cover a range of topics that are tailored to the audience specialty and level of understanding and engagement.

Design Thinking Workshops through Innovation Discovery are an engaging, interactive, and
hands-on approach to problem-solving. The workshops offer training on the design thinking process, which prioritizes creative collaboration to find solutions in action.

We work through a 3-Phase process


Alignment Meeting to understand the initial concern


Workshop development that addresses the concerns brought forward as well as any other trouble areas discovered during the Alignment Meeting


An in-depth report that analyzes the data gathered during the Workshop(s) and gives actionable paths forward for each area discussed