Why Zweig Group M&A?

Jun 11, 2015

jamiekiser_hoverThere are plenty of consultants out there who offer M&A consulting services, but there’s only one Zweig Group. We are a small team of professionals dedicated to finding the best candidates for deals in the AEC industry. Our goal is to allow you to stay focused on doing what you do best – running your business – while we deliver candidate companies – be they acquisition prospects if you’re buying, or potential suitors if you’re selling – that are a perfect match for your unique needs.
  • Our size: Our small teams of experienced professionals handle each client with a one-on-one touch that gives you the best possible experience. We can move quickly and work on your time frame. You will be working with a group of people are familiar with you on a first-name basis and who all understand the goals of this transaction and your company’s specifics.
  • Our responsiveness: We are always on call for our clients. Sudden change of plans or new information? Shoot us an email. Just remembered something that you wanted us to keep in mind? Text us. Deal keeping you up at night? Call us. Our small size allows us to put your needs first and to respond immediately to new information or questions.
  • Our industry experience: We aren’t just here to close the deal and move on. We live and breathe AEC. Zweig Group has built its reputation over almost 30 years devoted entirely to this industry. We know the ratios that matter and we know what your firm does. We understand the unique challenges and considerations facing your industry better than anyone else. You can count on the Zweig Group team to bring professionalism and a seasoned approach to each and every conversation.
  • Our responsibility: We know what it takes to get the deal closed – and we know what the other guys charge for extras that you don’t really need. The key to Zweig Group’s success is referrals from our completely satisfied customers. We only work in this industry – if you aren’t happy, we aren’t finished yet. We will never propose a service to you that you don’t need. We start small, and add on as we go. Each transaction is a customized interaction. We can’t tell you how many times we get clients from our competitors after they are tired of being charged for hidden costs and paying for services that don’t yield results.
  • Our contacts: After a third of a century in AEC, we know who the key players are – and we have been doing business with them for years! We have extensive industry contacts in all niches of the market and with firms of all sizes. We know who to call and how to research.
  • Our capabilities: We can work with you on a single transaction or help your team develop an acquisition strategy program. We can work with you to accomplish all of your needs associated with the transaction in-house, from ownership transition modeling to a comprehensive post-deal re-branding.
Jamie Claire Kiser is Zweig Group's Director of M&A Services. You can reach her via email at jkiser@zweiggroup.com

About Zweig Group

Zweig Group, three times on the Inc. 500/5000 list, is the industry leader and premiere authority in AEC firm management and marketing, the go-to source for data and research, and the leading provider of customized learning and training. Zweig Group exists to help AEC firms succeed in a complicated and challenging marketplace through services that include: Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Valuation, Executive Search, Board of Director Services, Ownership Transition, Marketing & Branding, and Business Development Training. The firm has offices in Dallas and Fayetteville, Arkansas.