illuceo Partnership

illuceo Partnership

Zweig Group and illuceo's partnership marks a pivotal step toward addressing the recruiting and retention challenges within the AEC industry. This collaboration began with the firms launching a co-branded DEI survey, the AEC People and Culture Survey, in November 2023. This is an employee sentiment survey designed to provide AEC industry-specific insights into how individuals experience their firm’s culture, and ultimately provide AEC firms with the data and insights to help guide firms to build workplaces where everyone can thrive. In Zweig Group’s 2023 Best Firms to Work For survey, employees overwhelmingly identified culture as the most vital element to their work experience. The data gathered by this new survey will thus be invaluable for firm leadership.

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"Through this strategic partnership with illuceo, and with the upcoming AEC People and Culture Survey, we are paving the way for our clients to access industry-specific data that will serve as a catalyst for finding tailored solutions to address the recruitment and retention challenges within their firms. This partnership is not just about joining forces; it's about equipping our clients with the insights they need to drive positive change.”

- Chad Clinehens, President & CEO of Zweig Group

About illuceo

illuceo is a leading expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) dedicated to empowering organizations to realizing their full potential. With a focus on delivering data-driven insights, consulting, and innovative tools, illuceo is committed to fostering more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces. As a trusted partner, illuceo collaborates with organizations to drive positive impact for business and people change by creating environments where everyone can thrive. Founded on a mission to transform workplaces and communities, illuceo offers customized solutions to address the unique DEI needs of each client. For more information, please visit illuceo's website.