Whether Buying or Selling, 2011 is the Year for Dealmakers

Nov 17, 2010

Press Release: November 17, 2010 M&A activity is expected to accelerate in 2011 as many struggling firms look for an exit strategy and firms that are doing well look for bargains and distressed sales. “2011 will be a great year for dealmakers,” said Jeff Clark, managing director and principal of the M&A team for ZweigWhite. “Whether you're a buyer or a seller, it's a hyper-opportunistic time to consider transactions.” “Where there is chaos and distress, there is opportunity, and multiples will vary across market sectors, firm size and ultimately by firm performance.” “Aggressive companies with cash to spend or the ability to borrow will be looking for more opportunities to buy in 2011 as the number of firms on the precipice is likely to increase as economic outlooks remain uncertain.” “I think more people are looking in to M&A as an option,” he said. “More people will try and more people might fail. You need to build an M&A team internally and with external advisors that know the discipline and the changing landscape of M&A in your markets to ensure success in 2011, more than ever.” Hobson Hogan, a principal at ZweigWhite, said M&A activity is likely to increase in 2011 as more firms decide that merging with or acquiring a firm is in their long term strategic interest. “Whether a firm is interested in acquiring or being acquired, it is advisable that you prepare your firm's ownership structure before entering the market,” he said. “As a buyer, it is essential that your ownership structure is organized in a way that will foster a successful acquisition integration. “As a seller, it is imperative that your ownership structure gives you multiple exit opportunities and enhances your value in an acquisition by engaging the next generation of management in your firm.” Clark, Hogan, and other M&A experts will discuss transaction and integration strategies at the 2010 AEC Mergers & Acquisitions Summit December 2-3, 2010 in Palm Beach, Fla. “At the M&A Summit, we will examine ways buyers can use their own ownership transition plans as an advantage in M&A as well as ways sellers can enhance their value by putting a credible transition plan in place,” Hogan said. “Everything is negotiable and you can learn from this Summit the price and deal points that are more reasonable to request and get accepted in your transaction deliberations,” Clark concluded. About the 2010 AEC Mergers & Acquisitions Summit: Presented By ZweigWhite, this two-day event features top design and environmental industry executives and entrepreneurs who gather to network and share their own transaction and integration experiences—as buyers and/or sellers. We have made registering for the 2010 M&A Summit very simple. Please call Sonya Stout at 800-466-6275 or register online at by clicking here. About ZweigWhite: ZweigWhite is the nation’s leader in enhancing business performance for architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms. The ZweigWhite team consists of experts in strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, ownership transition, human resources management, finance, marketing, market research, project management and project delivery methods who collectively produce a comprehensive suite of products and services, including advisory, consulting, newsletters, industry reports, executive training, business conferences, and more covering virtually every aspect of firm management. The firm is headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with additional offices in, Chicago, IL, Durham, NC, and Natick, MA. The ownership of ZweigWhite are investors Eli Global and BIA Digital Partners, with management including Mark Zweig and Ed Friedrichs. For more information contact Sonya Stout at 479.582.5700, or sstout@zweigwhite.com. ###

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