Randy Wilburn's predictions for 2017...

Dec 08, 2016

1. We are on the cusp of seeing a major shift take place in the talent acquisition space with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning making the job of a recruiter easier in a lot of ways. 2. Hiring engineers and architects will become increasingly difficult if U.S. design firms are not open to bringing on foreign born talent. Can you say, “H1B Visa!” 3. Every design firm in the U.S. needs to start embracing STEM opportunities and involvement to give the next generation a fighting chance to do something special in this space. 4. We need more old guard engineers and architects to understand that the phrase, “That’s how we’ve always done things around here,” is old wine skin thinking that will render your firm obsolete faster than you think. 5. Young, energetic, and entrepreneurial minded engineers and architects will start to show up and eat everyone else’s proverbial lunch when it comes to serving clients with new designs, ideas, and unrivaled service. 6. The gig economy is coming for the design industry whether we like it or not. In 2017, you will be able to hire great talent on a contractual basis and not blow your budget on your big project all from the comfort of your smartphone. 7. The combover is making a comeback. 8. Based on unrealistic hiring expectations and the inability to sell an idea many firms will see a ton of positions go unfilled in 2017. 9. Design firms will start to embrace Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram to tell a story about their brand and culture attracting both clients and great talent alike.

Randy Wilburn is Zweig Group's director of executive search.

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