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Nov 21, 2016

Many of us – as responsible spouses, parents, and business owners – always do what we think we are supposed to. Our whole lives are based on serving and taking care of other people. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget about ourselves in the process.

Typically, when talking about “taking care of ourselves,” the conversation revolves around diet, exercise, and sleep. Those are all good and necessary things that we need to pay attention to. But there are OTHER things as well. What are your passions?

I woke up super early this morning as I often do – 3:38 a.m. is a magic time for me. I immediately went to my email and then to my favorite social media platforms. By a little after 6, I was out doing my almost-daily 2.3 mile super-hilly walk. Then I had a nice breakfast with coffee and the paper. Then, after more emails, I cleaned up and went down to the garage.

It’s a fantastic day here today. 72 degrees. Low humidity. So instead of hopping in my company car for the short drive to Zweig Group HQ at 1200 North College, I decided I’d hop on a motorcycle instead. My trusty 2013 Honda CB1100 was raring to go as it always is. Turn on the key, hit the starter button, and “vroom,” that perfectly-engineered 1152 cc in-line four-cylinder was idling away comfortably – reminding me of the 1975 Honda CB550-4 I had in college years ago. As I pulled down the street, I grabbed some throttle. As I shifted into second gear, the front wheel gently raised off the ground about a foot. What a feeling! A perfectly designed machine on a beautiful day – the sights, smells, and memories – all coming together to make a perfect morning.

I’ve had a lot of bikes – well over 250 – and each one has done something better than the others I have had. I still have multiple bikes – including a late-model Harley Davidson and even the late Joe Lalli’s 1972 Honda CL350 (I restored it for Joe about 20 years ago and it needs it again), right here in our lobby. I just love motorcycles. And the truth is riding is one of the very few times I completely disconnect from my cellphone (and I think you all know how much I value responsiveness).

The point is this. Having a bike is important to me. It certainly doesn’t help anyone else in my family or business for me to have one. It is an unnecessary luxury. But on the rare days like today when I can ride it, I love it. It makes me feel alive. Just that little bit of time I get to spend on it is incredibly valuable to me. What are you doing that you really want to do? Do you make any time for that – ever? If not, you probably need to. It may be therapeutic for you. It may actually make you more productive and less stressed. Golf? Cars? Brewery trips? Handball? Painting? Mountain climbing? Triathlons? What is on your bucket list? Go for it now!

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