Zweig Media: TZL Ep 51 - Collect Your Money!

Nov 04, 2016

In our brand new podcast format, we interview Mark Zweig, CEO of Zweig Group about an article he recently wrote in The Zweig Letter about collecting your Firms money. ( "Collect your money," Issue 1162, 8/1/16). According to Mark Zweig, one of the biggest challenges that Engineers and Architects face is that they don't know how to collect their money. Zweig goes on to discuss the reasons behind this including issues with a poor self-image, the fact that firms cannot get bills out on time, finance and accounting departments not being used properly, and just not establishing efficient procedures for bill collection. This is an area that can be improved with some minor tweaks to a firms bill collecting practices. Mark hates to see companies struggling with 70, 80, and 90 plus day average billing collection periods. These drawn out collection periods can be avoided. Hear Mark lay down the steps necessary to get this process moving in the right direction for your firm. In more than three decades in the Design Industry Mark Zweig has seen it all and shares some great Bill Collection ideas and insights in this podcast. Enjoy the latest iteration of The Zweig Letter podcast and let us know what you think about the new format. See you next week! Additional Information: Contact: @MarkZweig Sponsor: Subscribe to The Zweig Letter for free! For more information on The Zweig Letter Podcast contact Randy Wilburn or @RandyWilburn

About Zweig Group

Zweig Group, three times on the Inc. 500/5000 list, is the industry leader and premiere authority in AEC firm management and marketing, the go-to source for data and research, and the leading provider of customized learning and training. Zweig Group exists to help AEC firms succeed in a complicated and challenging marketplace through services that include: Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Valuation, Executive Search, Board of Director Services, Ownership Transition, Marketing & Branding, and Business Development Training. The firm has offices in Dallas and Fayetteville, Arkansas.