Zweig Media: TZL Ep 50 - The Problem with HR Gatekeepers

Nov 01, 2016

In our brand new podcast format, we interview Mark Zweig, CEO of Zweig Group about an article he recently wrote in The Zweig Letter about the role of HR in the Recruitment process ( "The Problem with HR Gatekeepers," Issue 1163, 8/8/16). In addition to writing one of the first books on HR Management in the Design Industry, Mark Zweig cut his teeth in several high profile HR and Recruitment roles with very successful Engineering firms. He has always been outspoken about the role of HR in a Design Firm. In this episode, Mark discusses the challenges that HR face and some of the problems that they create for themselves in the recruitment process. Problems like being a Gatekeeper that tries to keep bad people out instead of focusing on getting good people in. A few of the key takeaways include ways to remove the rigorous application process, making sure you have your best hiring managers in front of candidates, and truly selling the opportunity to work with your firm. Hiring the best people for your firm requires a plan and process that is nimble and responsive to the needs of candidates that in some instances are not actively looking for a job but are open to meeting with you to hear more about your firm. In more than three decades Mark Zweig has seen it all and shares some great HR and Recruiting ideas in this podcast. Enjoy the latest iteration of The Zweig Letter podcast and let us know what you think about the new format. See you next week! Additional Information: Contact: @MarkZweig Sponsor: Subscribe to The Zweig Letter for free! For more information on The Zweig Letter Podcast contact Randy Wilburn or @RandyWilburn

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