TZL Podcast Life Hacker Series: Morning Routines

Sep 11, 2017

In this episode of the TZL Lifehacker Series, Randy Wilburn and Sanjay Jenkins discuss their morning routines, the importance of having a routine, and some steps A/E professionals can take to make the most of their mornings. Randy talks about his wake up time, journaling, reading, early-morning exercise, priming, and Bulletproof Coffee. Sanjay talks about the power of small wins, such as making your bed each morning, and asks Randy what he can do to create an effective morning routine. NOTE: Randy and Sanjay are not doctors. Everything mentioned in this podcast has a sample size of one or two and includes things we do that work for us. Please consult with a medical professional for the best advice. Here are some important parts of Randy and Sanjay’s morning routings:
  1. Priming. Total body exposure to cold water first thing in the morning. This is a technique employed by Tony Robbins, who has built a plunge pool in every single home he owns around the world. If you don't have access to a plunge pool like Tony Robbins, just take a cold shower!
  2. Bulletproof Coffee. Popularized by Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee is a method of consuming coffee mixed with butter and medium-chain triglycerides. Randy drinks Bulletproof Coffee on a daily basis, and usually does not eat breakfast (unless his wife makes pancakes!). If you'd like to try Bulletproof Coffee, check out the official methodology!
  3. Meditation/mindfulness. An easy practice that has an expansive list of benefits. Meditation is used by many of the world's top performers, from powerhouse entrepreneurs to Navy SEALs. If you're not familiar with meditation and mindfulness, check out Dan Harris's book 10% Happier, and download apps like Headspace or Calm to start guided meditations.
  4. Journaling. To effectively manage your thoughts, stop them from bouncing around in your head and write them down. This is most effective when you handwrite your thoughts onto paper, rather than typing on a computer or phone/tablet. Journaling will help you work through problems/decisions. One of Sanjay's mentors, a writer, once told him that journaling is the "everyman's therapy." Check out how Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and professional life hacker, journals every morning.
  5. Daily exercise. Exercise is about more than losing weight. Exercise, especially early in the morning, energizes your mind as much as your body. You don't need to have a bodybuilder's routine set either; yoga or a short walk or run in the morning can have lasting positive effects on your day and on your entire life.
  6. Food. Breakfast is different for every person. As stated earlier, Randy usually doesn't eat breakfast. Sanjay doesn't eat anything more than a yogurt on most days. Each person and each body is different. Experiment until you find what works best for you (and make sure you consult a doctor and nutritionist!).
  7. Reading. Your brain needs stimulation just as much as your body. Randy and Sanjay both recommend reading something in the morning.
  8. Habit. All of these elements need to come together consistently to make your morning routine effective. Approach each morning with purpose regardless of how you are feeling. Focus on making small, incremental improvements over a sustained period of time to see big results in the long run.
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