Rebuilding hope: Miyamoto International

Oct 08, 2023

Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief bridges support gaps for vulnerable communities in disaster and conflict zones, focusing on rebuilding schools and homes.

By Miyamoto International

In a world marked by gaps in support for the most vulnerable, organizations like Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief (Miyamoto Relief), the philanthropic arm of Miyamoto International, have emerged as bridges across these chasms. They provide invaluable engineering expertise to save lives and alleviate the suffering of people affected by disasters and conflicts worldwide, with a dedicated focus on assisting at-risk and often overlooked communities in rebuilding their homes, schools, and neighborhoods following the devastating impacts of disaster and war.

At the core of their operation lies the mobilization of resources, fundraising, and an unwavering commitment to getting things done. Notably, their work places a strong emphasis on school reconstruction, as it’s evident worldwide that schools are particularly vulnerable to disaster. School buildings frequently crumble during earthquakes, resulting in the tragic loss of tens of thousands of children.

Dr. Kit Miyamoto, president of Miyamoto Relief, passionately underscores their mission: “The world’s attention is focused on conflict; little financial support is available for repairing houses or schools. We are a business, but our core purpose is so much more important. Through Miyamoto Relief, we can work for everybody and make the world a better, safer place by doing so.”

In times of war, like the situation in Ukraine, schools can become targets. At one school in Kyiv, despite ongoing missile attacks that severely damaged the building, 400 students and their teachers continue to attend classes daily. They huddle in a bomb shelter with no toilets during attacks, risking their lives if they need to exit the shelter for the school restroom. Currently, efforts are underway to raise funds for much-needed repairs and to install bathroom facilities in the shelter.

AEC support at ElevateAEC Conference. Miyamoto Relief received invaluable support during Zweig Group’s recent ElevateAEC Conference in Texas. Zweig Group and the entire AEC community came together, helping to reach a wider audience and raise funds for continuing repairs. As Traci Petcoff Wong, principal at Miyamoto International aptly stated, “Miyamoto Relief’s mission is an inspiration for all of us. In a world where disaster and conflict can leave the most vulnerable communities in ruins, organizations like these are a beacon of hope. They don’t just talk; they act, and that’s what makes us special. We are so grateful for their heartfelt support. “ The children from school 165 also provided the Miyamoto team with more than 100 drawings that were auctioned and gifted to donors.  The kids wanted to be active participants in their recovery and not just receive charity. Their pictures of rainbows, hearts, flowers, and family are testament to their resilience and love for their home. 

Join the Night of 1,000 Drawings for a noble cause. To sustain this cause, Miyamoto Relief invites you to join them on Saturday, October 21 for the Night of 1,000 Drawings, a night of art and inspiration in downtown Los Angeles at the Cooper Design Space. This event promises a unique experience, blending the transformative power of art with the spirit of giving and the opportunity to make a real impact.

At the event, attendees will have the chance to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces of art while immersing themselves in a vibrant atmosphere filled with music and the spirit of generosity. Your participation and attendance at this event will directly contribute to the urgent repairs required by the school in Kyiv, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those students.

Secure your ticket today. To purchase your ticket and join Miyamoto Relief at the Night of 1,000 Drawings at the Cooper Design Space on Saturday, October 21, please visit Your presence and support will help rebuild the shattered dreams of those students in Kyiv and bring hope to the most vulnerable in our world. Together, we can make a difference, one drawing at a time. 

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