Zweig Group announces release of its 2023 Information Technology Report of AEC Firms

Aug 24, 2023

Zweig Group, a leading provider of industry insights, is excited to announce the release of the highly-anticipated 2023 Information Technology Report of AEC Firms. Representing a comprehensive comparison between 2019 and 2023, this report offers a striking snapshot of the industry's technological evolution from pre-pandemic to the “new normal” era.

The 2023 report delves into an array of shifts that have redefined the AEC industry's technological landscape, including:

  • Cloud technology. The report highlights a significant transition to cloud technologies, reflected in the shift from local to cloud storage for project archives. The median utilization of shared online disk storage in the cloud has surged from 3 terabytes to an impressive 17 terabytes, underscoring the industry's commitment to modernization.
  • Cybersecurity. One of the most remarkable trends unveiled in the report is the sharp decline in instances of being hacked, plummeting from nearly 25 percent in 2019 to a mere 9 percent in 2023. This significant reduction is a testament to the industry's heightened security measures and proactive cybersecurity policies.
  • The rise of AI. The report also introduces a groundbreaking new section dedicated to AI data, providing insights into the industry's evolving adoption and integration of artificial intelligence. This addition further enriches the report's depth and relevance, offering readers a holistic view of technology-driven transformations.
  • IT spending. As firms continue to navigate the evolving business landscape, the 2023 report predicts a 50 percent increase in cloud computing spending and substantial investments in cybersecurity and hardware. Noteworthy is the ascent of building information modeling (BIM) usage from 53 percent in 2019 to an impressive 90 percent in 2023, with 71 percent of firms expressing plans to escalate their BIM utilization in the upcoming year.
  • Remote network access. With remote work becoming a cornerstone of the industry's operational framework, the report showcases an exponential surge in remote network access, soaring from 56 percent to a remarkable 88 percent post-pandemic. Cloud-based services have become a dominant force, as more firms embrace hosted email strategies and Microsoft 365 usage for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

The 2023 Information Technology Report offers a powerful lens into the evolution of technology within the AEC industry, presenting a vivid comparison between the pre-pandemic and “new normal” eras. As Zweig Group remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering industry leaders with actionable insights, this report underscores the organization's unwavering dedication to driving innovation and excellence. Read the full report here.

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