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2023 Firms of the Future Bundle Preview #1

2023 Firms of the Future Bundle

Released On:

November 17, 2023
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What's Included

The 2023 Marketing Report of AEC Firms
The 2023 Compensation Data Platform in Zweig Insights
The 2023 Information Technology Report of AEC Firms

Elevate your decision-making process and steer your AEC firm towards a future of growth.


  • In-depth Comparisons: Compare your firm's marketing strategies, compensation structures, and IT landscapes against industry benchmarks.

  • Strategic Insights: Leverage detailed statistics to refine marketing tactics, optimize salary structures, and harness technological advancements effectively.

  • Future Planning: Anticipate salary trends, prepare for firm growth, and align IT strategies for forthcoming challenges and opportunities.


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More about 2023 Firms of the Future Bundle
2023 Marketing Report of AEC Firms
Compensation Data on Zweig Insights
2023 Information Technology Report of AEC Firms
  • Dive deep into the world of AEC firm marketing strategies, budgets, staffing, and infrastructure investments. Gain access to invaluable statistics on proposal activity, hit rates, and analytical insights to steer your marketing initiatives towards unparalleled success.
  • Stay ahead with up-to-date salary information encompassing various job roles within engineering, architecture, and environmental firms. With detailed breakdowns by staff size, region, job descriptions, and experience levels, you'll make informed decisions on salaries, benchmarking, and future staffing plans.
  • Navigate the complex landscape of IT within AEC firms. Uncover crucial insights on IT spending, department structure, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, project platforms, challenges, and triumphs. Tailored comparisons based on firm type, size, region, growth rate, and client base offer unparalleled perspectives.