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2023 Compensation Data Platform Preview #1
Zweig Insights

2023 Compensation Data Platform

Released On:

July 11, 2023
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What's Included

The 2023 Compensation Data available on Zweig Insights contains data gathered after January 2023 and is designed to help firms evaluate how salaries have changed during the first half of 2023.

The data is available in ZWEIG INSIGHTS: an Online Interactive Data Platform.

Get access to salary information on nearly every job role at engineering, architecture, and environmental firms. Statistics are broken down by firm staff size and region of office for more accurate benchmarking and comparisons. Job descriptions and average years of experience are included for all titles in the survey. 

This data will help you:

  • Compare your staff's salaries to those in firms just like your own
  • Find out salary ranges for every type and level of position
  • See how salaries change as firms grow in size to help you prepare for your own firm's future
  • Evaluate salaries on a regional basis


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The 2023 Compensation Data combines our Salary Survey Report + Total Compensation Benchmarking Tool into one seamless experience on zweiginsights.com

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Engineering, Architecture & Construction
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What to Expect
How it Works
About Zweig Insights
  • Streamlined data review and analysis made effortless, eliminating the need to navigate a static 150+ page PDF document.
  • Instant access to updated compensation data sourced from firms over the last 6 months.
  • Interactive benchmarking tools that provide a side-by-side comparison of your firm's performance against industry standards.
  • Exciting additions to the compensation data! Explore overtime data, bonus data, years of experience, base salary, and much more.
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  • This is our first data set to be released within Zweig Insights, Zweig Group’s interactive data platform that redefines how to review and leverage industry data and benchmarking tools. This roll out combines our Salary Survey Report + Mid Year Update + Total Compensation Benchmarking Tool into one seamless experience.
  • As the trusted resource for industry data, Zweig Group is on a mission to elevate the user experience with our data one report at a time through our data platform, Zweig Insights.
  • Our vision is to give users access to current and comprehensive data in a seamless and interactive digital environment.
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