Where is Carmen Sandiego?

Oct 21, 2019

These days the recruiting game is tough. The good news is that your best talent scouts might already work in your firm.

Some say recruiting is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Personally, I find it to be more like playing “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Nowadays with unemployment being at an all-time low, Carmen is winning while we are desperate to catch up. Candidates have changed the game; they have the control and we, as employers, need to try harder than ever to promote our open positions and show people the benefit of joining our team.

One of the important things I have learned as a recruiter in the AEC industry is that the most qualified people are within the networks of our own employees. While not everyone can be a recruiter, they can certainly be prepared to advocate for their company by embracing a few simple tips:

  • Remember you are the expert on the subject matter. No one knows a company better than a current employee, so be prepared to share knowledge with fellow peers when they inquire about your firm. This is a pop quiz you actually know the answers to, so do not be afraid to share some background on the company or brag about exciting news or projects. When an employee is proud of where they work, it shows, and that feeling is infectious, especially when you are among peers who may be looking to make a career change.
  • Identify the jobs that are needed. Before you go to a networking event or tradeshow, check out your company’s career site so you have a good idea of the job openings. You may know of people in your professional circle who are looking to make a career change, but you weren’t aware there was something for them at your office. There is nothing a recruiter loves more than a good referral.
  • Know the perks: benefits and the unknown “cool” factors. People look for all kinds of different benefits when they job search, and a lot of the time there are great perks about a company that don’t show up in a job posting. From medical benefits to good coffee in the breakroom, it’s important to be educated on all that your company offers, whether you take advantage of them or not. That knowledge will come in handy when people ask you, “What do you like about going to work every day?”
  • Recognize your recruiters and always have business cards. Know the names of the recruiters or human resource partners at your company. You never know when someone at a networking event will indicate that they are interested in working with you. Sometimes the conversation can be difficult to navigate, so provide them with contact information of who to reach out to and let the recruiters take it from there.

Your recruiters and the HR team are there to help you throughout the process. Reach out to them for guidance on the easiest ways to find your Carmen Sandiego.

Michelle Sears is a senior recruiter at Pennoni with 11 years of recruiting experience. She can be reached at msears@pennoni.com.

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