The new normal

Jan 10, 2021

Through recessions and tough times, innovations explode as people are forced to slow down and think. Many are already working on the next big thing for their business. Are you?

Normal. It’s been almost a year since anything really has been normal. In March, the world was ticking away. Business was good. Life was grand. Then the world stopped. Things got weird. They still are weird. Normal is a word I use frequently to describe what life used to be like. I have now been using the phrase, “The new normal – whatever that is.” I still don’t know what the new normal is going to be. It changes almost daily and is a moving target.

The one thing I do know is people still need to connect with people. People and businesses still need the services our industry provides. That is not stopping any time soon. I do know that. Although things may have shifted, postponed, or completely changed, it doesn’t mean they don’t need architecture, engineering, or construction services. What it looks like may be different.

I’ve read some articles about how spaces will change, and real estate will be different for all types of business. For example, many businesses are changing from open concept back to the office, or they are spacing out cubicles to give employees their required social distancing space. I’ve also heard of hotels changing their material selections, so it makes it much easier to keep the spaces clean – eliminating carpet throughout the entire hotel, including guest rooms. Restaurants have already changed the way they serve patrons by spacing tables out to give the six feet distance. Many restaurants have added outside seating or additional patio space. Some even offer pick-up and delivery. They have adapted their business model to stay in business. There have even been “tents” set up outside restaurants to separate groups of people.

Through tough times, smart business people come up with innovative ideas. Our industry is full of smart people, and we need to utilize our skills to make our communities a better place. It gives society and our community better options and things we may not have previously even thought of. Historically, through recessions and tough times, innovations explode because we are forced to slow down and think. Realize the last year has been “busy” but people are working on the next big idea for their business.

I don’t know what the new normal will look like. I don’t know when the new normal will be here. I do know we are resilient in nature as business people. We want to connect with others. We are human and we all need that human connection. Networking events will be much different, or at least well attended that first year after all the social distancing restrictions are lifted. Time will tell. What are you doing as a business owner to be innovative and creative? There is no better time than now!

Lindsay Young is president and founder of nu marketing. She can be reached at

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