Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

May 16, 2021

Making mistakes is an essential part of running a successful firm, so stop waiting around and start taking action.

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Successful people fail 10 times more than unsuccessful people.” The reason this is true is because successful people are willing to try new things until they find something that works. They are determined to find a solution and aren’t afraid to explore different or unconventional ideas in the process.

There is a huge opportunity in today’s marketplace to make changes and propel your firm forward. Many businesses are putting things on pause and “waiting.” Waiting is not advisable. You are consciously choosing to not do anything – and that in and of itself is a decision. As a business owner and leader, you can’t be afraid to try new things and figure out what works in your firm. The companies moving forward are making mistakes – nothing that is losing them a great deal of money or hurting their staff, but rather helping them to progress. They are taking small steps every day to improve production, enhance customer experience, or engage their employees.

Has there been something you’ve been wanting to try in your business, but you aren’t sure where to start? Just jump in and start today. It might be something big, but you’ve got to break that down into small, actionable steps. It might be implementing a new accounting software, investing in training your employees, or putting together a marketing plan and implementing it. Those are all big projects that can feel overwhelming, but breaking it down helps you visualize each step. Regardless of what the idea is, take action. Surround yourself with others who’ve tried it or are also working toward creating positive change in their firms. Peer groups are great for support and help in navigating through these changes.

Mistakes are inevitable and will occur. I make mistakes all the time, but it doesn’t stop me. It fuels me to keep trying until I find something that works. I learn from them, adjust the process, and continue moving forward. None of us are perfect, but we can instill change in ourselves and our teams. As crazy as it sounds, making mistakes can also be fun. You learn something about yourself, your firm, and your team.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It will take your firm to the next level. I challenge you to write down one thing you want to try and take one small step to making that change happen today. Don’t wait. You are losing precious time. Take action and make mistakes!

Lindsay Young is president and founder of nu marketing. She can be reached at

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