13 new mini-survyes and 'Take 3' promotion

Feb 08, 2016

1452648221-WTandRsurveycover_webUtilizationSurveysWebsiteiSurveys OrgStrucSurveysGovernanceSurveys Zweig Group is incorporating 13 new “mini-surveys” for 2016, bringing its annual survey publication total to 27. “Zweig Group is constantly looking for new ways to provide our clients the data they need,” says Andrea Bennett, the firm’s research and publications manager. “Industry leaders have reached out to us for more information on a variety of topics, including websites, social media, boards of directors, and ownership transition. We also saw an increased interest in learning about reimbursement for travel, company vehicles, and other business expenses. So, the new topics were determined by inquiries and industry analysis.” The new mini-surveys deal with targeted topics such as company vehicles, cell phones and mobile devices, travel reimbursement, social media, websites, organizational structures, firm associates, satellite offices, governance, and ownership transition. “We’re calling them ‘mini-surveys’ because the questionnaires are generally shorter and they take a more in-depth look at a specific topic,” Bennett says. “Additionally, these publications are only going to be published as PDFs – though their data will be included in several of the printed full-length surveys throughout the year – which means they’ll be available faster, in color, and at a fraction of a typical survey’s cost.” Mini-surveys cost $250, and participants in their questionnaires receive a 50 percent discount code that can be applied to the purchase of any Zweig Group survey product. Full-length surveys are $495, and their participants receive a 65 percent discount code. Zweig Group has also redesigned its long-standing surveys, responding to customer comments for expanded coverage of subtopics and issues affecting the A/E/P and environmental consulting industry. “We’ve gone through the participant responses to all our 2015 surveys with the goal of meeting our clients’ needs for information,” Bennett says. “For example, many participants of the 2015 IT Survey wanted more data about cloud computing, server virtualization, and how IT department costs related to overall costs. So, we added questions about those topics and eliminated some others that were no longer relevant to readers.” “Another participant suggestion we’re responding to is having the questionnaires open for longer,” Bennett says. “So, every survey questionnaire has been made available for participation, and we’re going to try to get next year’s questionnaire posted as soon as possible after each survey publishes, so that people can participate on a rolling basis.” To celebrate the availability of all questionnaires being open for participation, Zweig Group is offering a Take 3 promotion during February. “If anyone or any firm takes three questionnaires in February, they will be entered to win their choice of a $1,000 Amazon gift card or a free registration to the 2016 Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards Conference in September at the Arizona Biltmore, which is valued at $1,295,” Bennett says. “Survey respondents need only enter their information at the end of the questionnaire to qualify, but if a firm has more than one person respond and wants to make sure we know, they can email research@zweiggroup.com to make sure we know.” Survey questionnaires with impending closing dates include the 2016 M&A Survey (February 9), 2016 Travel Reimbursement Mini-Survey (February 24), 2016 Cell Phone & Mobile Device Mini-Survey (March 2), 2016 Company Car Mini-Survey (March 13), and 2016 Social Media Mini-Survey (March 20). For more information, visit zweiggroup.net/sandbox/surveys.php, call 800.466.6275, or email research@zweiggroup.com.

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