TZL Podcast: ElevateAEC 2023

Oct 12, 2023

Elevate AEC Keynote - Empowering AEC Professionals: Trends and Strategies for Success with Chad Clinehens and Bill McConnell

"People want to work for firms that have a great vision and a mission. How are we going to get there? What's your purpose in terms of culture, can you rattle it off?" 

- Bill McConnell, Vertex

In this special episode of the TZL Podcast, recorded live at the 2023 Elevate AEC Conference in Frisco, TX, host R Wilburn brings you an enlightening conversation with Chad Clinehens, CEO of Zweig Group, and Bill McConnell, co-founder and CEO of Vertex. 

The episode dives right into the pressing economic questions facing the AEC industry. Are we on the brink of a recession, or can we expect a softer economic landing? Chad and Bill weigh in on key indicators like inflation, unemployment, and housing market trends, offering their expert insights on their impact on the AEC sector.

Beyond the numbers, the discussion shifts to the human element. What role do vision, culture, and purpose play in attracting and retaining top talent? Our esteemed guests share their seasoned perspectives, highlighting the importance of these factors in an ever-changing industry landscape.

As the conversation unfolds, Chad and Bill provide a forward-looking view on the future of the AEC industry. This episode is a must-listen for AEC professionals, serving as a comprehensive guide to understanding current challenges and identifying growth opportunities."

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Understand the current state of the AEC industry and economy to make strategic decisions for your business.
  • Embrace the digital revolution: discover how technology is shaping the AEC industry and explore new opportunities for innovation.
  • Build a happy and skilled workforce: Learn effective strategies to improve employee satisfaction and training in the AEC industry, leading to increased productivity and retention.
  • Navigate industry challenges with confidence: Gain insights on overcoming labor shortages and adapting to tax changes, ensuring your business remains resilient in a changing landscape.
  • Identify growth opportunities: Explore the growth and decline trends in the construction industry, both in the residential and non-residential sectors, to position your business for success.

All of this and much more are on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.


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