TZL Podcast: Kyle Cheerangie

Feb 29, 2024

"You have to practice designing... You have to know what it feels like to load that information into your brain."

- Kyle Cheerangie


In this insightful episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast, host Randy Wilburn sits down with the brilliant Kyle Cheerangie, a department manager in South Florida whose expertise in roadway and highway design is shaping the future of infrastructure. Kyle's passion for engineering and his dedication to the profession shines through as he discusses the critical path from technical proficiency to project management.

Kyle offers a deep dive into his journey, from his early days in Trinidad to his current role at HNTB, and the importance of gaining technical skills early in one's career. He emphasizes the value of mentorship, the power of reading and continuous learning, and the challenges facing the industry, including recruitment and the need to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Key highlights:

  • Kyle Cheerangie's approach to engineering and the significance of building a solid technical foundation in the first few years of one's career.
  • The impact of work-life balance discussions on young professionals and the evolution of the workplace post-COVID.
  • The benefits of joining professional societies like ASCE and ITE to accelerate career growth and networking.
  • Kyle's perspective on public speaking, recruitment, and the potential of AI in the design industry.
  • A curated list of five must-read books for young engineers, aimed at fostering a mindset geared towards innovation and success.

All of this and much more are on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.

Check out the video version of this podcast HERE 


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Kyle Cheerangie on LinkedIn

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