TZL Podcast: Jerrod Hogan

Sep 28, 2023

"We recognized that if we were going to take it to the next level, we're going to have to really develop a brand. Your people deserve a brand that's as great as them." 

- Jerrod Hogan, OWN, Inc.

Jerrod Hogan's path to leadership is anything but conventional. Raised by a devoted Baptist pastor, he learned the values of service and empathy early on. A pivotal moment came when his family moved to Missouri due to his mother's cancer diagnosis. Following her passing, Jerrod decided to make Missouri his permanent home, raising his young daughter there.

Jerrod joined Anderson Engineering, a firm where he spent two decades evolving both personally and professionally. But a life-altering event came in the form of the devastating Joplin tornado in 2011. The tragedy revealed to him the incredible power of community and the human capacity for mutual support in times of crisis.

This event served as a catalyst for Jerrod, making him recognize the untapped potential of collective responsibility and active participation. It opened his eyes to the concept of extreme employee ownership. Inspired, he took bold steps to transform the very company he had been part of for so long.

The shift was dramatic. Jerrod led Anderson Engineering through a rebranding and restructuring process that embraced an employee ownership model. This courageous move had manifold benefits. It allowed team members to share in the company's success, elevated client satisfaction, and instilled a sense of belonging among employees.

In essence, this change didn't just spur phenomenal growth for the company; it also created a work environment where everyone felt like a stakeholder. Jerrod's journey illustrates the profound impact of community, unity, and shared ownership in shaping both individual lives and business successes.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain insight into how employee ownership is revolutionizing the design industry.
  • Understand how harnessing extreme ownership can propel your company to greater heights.
  • Learn the transformative effect of employee ownership on individual self-esteem and secured finances.
  • Explore the myriad trials and triumphs young professionals face in their career journeys.
  • Decode the role of rebranding and the core values in steering its direction.

All of this and much more are on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.


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