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WeRise Card Deck

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To actively jump start your organization in the movement of inclusion and rise above the noise, purchase the expanded, professionally designed deck called WeRise. Created in partnership with industry leaders, it features a series of discussion opportunities to engage with underrepresented demographics, as well as reassess, evaluate and improve workplace culture.

We believe this deck provides valuable recommendations that will impact employee satisfaction and retention. By providing concrete recommendations on how employees can become highly engaged with this initiative, we also believe this information provided will have an impact on your bottom line. We’ve all heard the adage “we rise by lifting others,” and we truly believe that. Lift those around you and further the discussion today by becoming a part of the ElevateHer™ movement.

Download this deck or order and have the tangible 24-card shipped to you.  Get ready to spark some conversations! 


Special thanks to the contributors who created this valuable tool:

  • Blake Calvert
  • Dara Davulcu
  • Elide Pantoli
  • Ginger Lacy
  • Jacqueline Devereaux
  • Janki DePalma
  • Jason Pereira
  • Jennifer Porter
  • Susan Dawson
  • Susan Osterberg
  • Veronica Porter