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Insider's Guide to SF330 Preparation

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Whether your A/E firm is new to SF330 and the federal marketplace, or is looking to improve its visibility among federal agency selection committees, Zweig Group’s Insider’s Guide to SF330 Preparation can help. This best-selling guide will take you step-by-step through SF330 and provide valuable tips and tricks for marketing to the federal government. The more your A/E firm knows about SF330, the more federal agency contracts your firm will win.

Summary of What's Inside:
  • Get an overview of doing business with the federal government and where to find upcoming A/E opportunities
  • Go step-by-step through SF330 with illustrations and examples on what to do and not to do in each block
  • Improve your submittals get help with cover letters and learn methods for highlighting your A/E firm's credentials
  • Tap into the insight of government contracting officers about what makes an effective submittal