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AEC Workplace of the Future Report

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In March 2020, when the first cases of COVID-19 were found in the United States, it was clear that the way we work and do business in the AEC industry was about to undergo a profound change.

In response to these events, Zweig Group launched a brand new survey – Impacts of COVID-19 on the AEC Industry. This survey investigated the impacts of the pandemic on workplace policies, firm operations, project management, spending and budgeting, and the feelings and opinions of the important people working in this industry in all job roles, firm types, and geographic locations. 

After nearly a year of administrating, analyzing, and reporting on the information gleaned from this survey, it became apparent that the industry had experienced a major shift, particularly in the form of where and how people work. In order to best focus on this important area, Zweig Group launched this new survey AEC Workplace of the Future, to take the place of the COVID-19 survey. 

In this new survey we were fortunate to get responses from diverse individuals in a nearly every demographic – we asked them not only about their workplace policies and how they have changed, but also about their attitudes towards these changes, their feelings of productivity, motivation, and how they might respond to future or continued policy changes implemented by their employer.

The results of this survey are contained in the following report. I hope you will find them fascinating and helpful in making policy and operational choices in the future of your organization. 

This report is available in digital (PDF) download only.