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A/E Small Firm Fitness Plan

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As the leader of a small architecture, engineering, or environmental firm, you know how challenging it can be to successfully manage so many critical areas of your business. That’s why you need the A/E Small Firm Fitness Plan the comprehensive management guide for small A/E firms. The real-world information in this book will show you how to get a solid grip on all areas of firm management and make your small A/E firm more successful. A/E Small Firm Fitness Plan is written specifically for busy leaders of small design and environmental firms those with 50 employees or fewer.

Summary of What's Inside:
  • Get advice on building your small firm’s strategic business plan
  • Learn to improve your leadership qualities and the way you manage your people
  • Hear strategies for creating a marketing program and getting the most bang for your buck
  • Get tips on how to improve your finance and accounting practices
  • Learn how to build and implement realistic firm budgets that fit your firm’s business
  • Learn how to better manage your information technology resources
  • Hear how to improve your project and client management skills
  • Get advice on planning the future of your small A/E firm