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A/E firms spend significant amounts of time and money submitting proposals to clients. Yet the typical firm only wins about 35% of the proposals they submit. Is your firm losing jobs because of ineffective proposals? Use Zweig Group’s A/E Proposals Cookbook to make sure your firm’s proposals are standing out from the competition and landing projects. This book is filled with practical tips you can use to boost your hit rate. Plus, real-life case studies in A/E Proposals Cookbook will give you an inside look at how other A/E firms just like yours are planning, preparing, and writing proposals that win projects.

Stop sending out proposals that miss the mark with prospective clients. Make sure your proposals stand out from the crowd and give clients what they want to see. If your firm is struggling with getting your proposals to the short list, or is simply looking for ways to write better proposals, make sure you get a copy of A/E Proposals Cookbook.