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Leave your competition in the dust with A/E Marketing Fitness Plan.

Are you happy with the results you’re getting from the money you’re spending on marketing? If your AEC firm is like most, there are simple, yet powerful steps you could take to improve your firm’s marketing program, increasing revenue while preserving profitability.

If your firm is ready to get a better return on marketing investments, both increasing revenue and preserving profitability, Zweig Group's A/E Marketing Fitness Plan can help guide the way.

A/E Marketing Fitness Plan is an action-oriented book, written exclusively for firm leaders and marketing professionals of AEC and environmental consulting firms. It details step-by-step action plans that allow you to reap the highest possible return from your firm’s marketing program.

With a marketing self-assessment at the beginning and the end of the book, interactive testing in each chapter, checklists, worksheets, and case studies, you’ll be able to quickly identify better ways to market--proven methods that you can put into practice immediately without costly trial-and-error or guesswork.

You'll get advice on how to develop a winning marketing plan and budget, create winning presentations and proposals, get your message out, build a public relations program that gets results, and much more, all in this definitive source of marketing know-how developed solely for professionals who would like to learn about the best ways to market professional services.

Follow the steps in the A/E Marketing Fitness Plan, from the beginning assessment to the closing reassessment, and you’ll minimize the waste in your firm’s marketing program and make sure the money you spend on marketing is being used to the utmost. This book will more than pay for itself if you implement even one of its powerful strategies!