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2022 Best Performing Firms Report

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Release Date: September 2022

How do the most successful architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms do business? How do firms that excel in growth, financial performance, profitability, excellent workplaces, or marketing stand out from the rest? Find out with 2022 Best Performing Firms in the AEC Industry Report.

This new publication covers every area of AEC firm management. Whether you want answers to questions on financial performance, marketing, information technology, project management, compensation, billing practices, or other issues, you’ll find it all in this one report.

Statistics are shown for award-winning, fastest-growing, and highest-profit firms, separately from the overall sample so you can benchmark your firm relative to the most successful firms in the AEC industry.

Topics covered include:

  •  Financial performance: Get hard data on revenue per employee, profit margins, multipliers, average collection period, and more. 
  •  Marketing: Find out how much the most productive and effective firms spend on marketing. Learn about hit rates and how they use websites, newsletters, press releases, and other marketing tools. 
  •  Billing practices: Find out how much you should be charging for your employees’ time. Compare fast-growth and high-profit firms’ billing rates for every level of employee. 
  •  Compensation: Make sure you’re paying enough to attract the best people—people who will help your firm achieve success!

Also included: principals and owners; personnel policies, procedures and benefits; and incentive compensation.