Innovation Discovery

Innovation Discovery

As industry and technology standards change, firms must keep up or risk being left behind. Our insights and connection fuel innovative opportunities by providing firms with specific and achievable solutions.

Going through an Innovation Discovery Workshop helps firm’s translate complex data and ideas into executable prototypes & designs and actionable processes.

Unlike other methods that focus on quick fixes, we use a design thinking process that takes an employee-centered approach to solving problems. We help firms by identifying the source of the problem and laying out plans of action toward resolution and solution implementation.

Companies have a lot at stake when launching a new product or implementing a new process. In partnership with Lofty, Zweig Group can take some of that pressure off by developing and conducting a custom series of structured exercises to guide your firm to understand how to move forward within an area of opportunity or to diagnose a problem area.

These workshops are structured around co-creation and bringing different areas of the firm together
– at all levels – to help them build out the bigger picture.

This is where innovation makes its stand

It is our belief that by employing Zweig Group's expertise in the strategic design for client solutions with the help of Lofty's expertise in software development, our clients will be able to better utilize their available skills, rebuild an internal structure to better fit a new innovative mindset, and then become the dynamic, tech-driven organization they are meant to be.

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The best way to have employee buy-in is to involve them in the idea-generation process.

“Research is the transformation of money into knowledge, whilst innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money.”

Design Thinking Workshops through Innovation Discovery are an engaging, interactive, and
hands-on approach to problem-solving. The workshops offer training on the design thinking process, which prioritizes creative collaboration to find solutions in action.

The solutions that are generated in these workshops are then tested, and reworked as needed, to reach an optimal outcome. Using this model leads to the creation of a business' innovation process.

We believe that using Design & Creative Thinking methods to involve employees in the co-creating
of ideas with their upper-level managers is the best way to create employee
buy-in to new and innovative ideas.

We work through a 3-Phase process


Alignment Meeting to understand the initial concern


Workshop development that addresses the concerns brought forward as well as any other trouble areas discovered during the Alignment Meeting


An in-depth report that analyzes the data gathered during the Workshop(s) and gives actionable paths forward for each area discussed