TZL Podcast: Scott Erricson

May 09, 2024

"The dynamic shift since post-COVID has started an all-out war on talent. Smaller firms like ours... we're getting marginalized trying to acquire that talent and to hold on to it."

  • Scott Erricson

  • About the Show

    Scott Erricson is a principal and the founding owner of e2 Engineers, a consulting engineering firm specializing in the building space. With their offices based in New London, Connecticut, Concord, and Massachusetts, they extend their services across New England and beyond. Scott's expertise lies in the structural engineering domain, and under his leadership, e2 Engineers has grown significantly since its inception in 2003. The firm prides itself on its workplace culture and in 2023 was proudly recognized as the number one structural engineering firm in the country both overall and for its size.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode of the Zweig Letter podcast, host Randy Wilburn speaks with Scott Erricson about the unique challenges and opportunities facing smaller design firms in an era marked by consolidation and a fierce battle for talent. As the architectural and engineering industry evolves, Erricson sheds light on how e2 Engineers is navigating this dynamic landscape, including their strategies for growth and talent acquisition.

    Scott Erricson dives into the difficulties that small firms experience when competing for talent against larger, national firms. Erricson discusses the company's intern program, the importance of resisting the wave of acquisitions throughout the industry, and measures that e2 Engineers is taking to position itself for potential mergers or acquisitions in the future. The conversation also touches on the firm's approach to serving clients, the impact of remote work, and the potential role of artificial intelligence in streamlining operations.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Small design firms, like e2 Engineers, face significant challenges in talent acquisition due to the competitive offers from larger firms.
    • Fostering a strong company culture and being recognized as a great place to work is crucial for attracting and retaining talent.
    • e2 Engineers is considering growth through mergers and acquisitions, which involves strategic internal preparations.
    • The need for proactive engagement with younger generations and educational institutions is paramount for ensuring a steady stream of incoming talent into the design industry.
    • The firm is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to optimize tasks and improve efficiency.


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    Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into navigating the complexities and seizing the possibilities within the architectural and engineering industry from the perspective of a smaller firm. Don’t miss out on further insights and stay tuned for upcoming episodes delivering expert advice directly to you.

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