TZL Podcast: Mike Woeber

Feb 02, 2023

Randy Wilburn

In this podcast episode, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Mike Woeber, CEO and co-founder of Corporate Tax Advisors (CTA), to discuss how design firms can qualify for R&D tax credits and maximize their business growth to unlock potential savings. 

When Mike Woeber left his career at Ernst & Young, he became a tax partner. In the process, he discovered the lucrative, yet often overlooked, Research and Development Tax Credit, which he and his partner Dawson Fercho used to develop relationships with nationwide clients and save them millions of dollars in taxes. In this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast, you will learn how your design firm can qualify for R&D tax credits.

"I always encourage firms in this space to think about the things they're being hired to do. And when you look at those things, what are their technical elements? What kinds of people do you have to hire and have on your staff to be able to solve the problems that your customer has?"

Corporate Tax Advisors (CTA) is a nationwide tax credit advisory firm that has helped clients save more than $75 million in tax credits since its founding in 2012.

When he began his career at Ernst & Young, Mike built a strong foundation in the income tax world. After working his way up to a tax partner for a local firm in North Alabama, Mike learned a lot about the R&D tax credit and how it applied to the aerospace and defense industry. After meeting Dawson Fercho and forming a friendship, they decided to create CTA to focus on building relationships with their clients. After nine years, CTA has built a practice with a nationwide client base, helping companies from Miami to Anchorage save millions in taxes. Mike educates his clients on identifying which activities qualify for the R&D tax credit and how it can save companies money in the long run when recruiting and retaining talented people.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How can companies leverage the R&D tax credit to reduce costs and attract talented employees?
  2. What are the four-part test qualifications that must be met to claim R&D credits?
  3. How can businesses identify and differentiate between activities that qualify and do not qualify for R&D credits?

All of this and much more on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.


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