Win work with your personal brand

Jun 09, 2024


Your personal brand wins you work, builds strong relationships, and keeps clients coming back to your team.

You might think winning new projects has everything to do with a portfolio of high-quality work. And that’s obviously a big part of it, don’t get me wrong. But there’s another important factor that comes into play when owners decide which architecture, engineering, and construction firms to work with – the people on the project.

People make up a firm’s personal brand and what you deliver to clients. People enjoy working with and doing business with individuals they like and trust. This goes for most industries – from banking to insurance to event planning – and the AEC industry is no different. Your personal brand wins you work, builds strong relationships, and keeps clients coming back to your team.

Just like a company brand, developing a personal brand takes time – years, even! It’s a reflection of your core values, beliefs, and vision. Your personal brand is not just about an image; it’s about interactions. It’s how you engage with others, from your handshake to your smile to your presence in a room. Your energy attracts similar energy. Are you emitting the kind of energy you wish to receive from others?

Consistent interactions over time will define your personal brand. You can deliberately shape your personal brand by setting goals aligned with it. Keeping promises and following up are vital components of your personal brand. Establishing recognition for yourself and your company is crucial for attracting more projects and opportunities. Consistency, engagement, and visibility (through online and in-person networking) are key in building and strengthening your personal brand over time. Effective ways to enhance your brand include:

  • Having an active presence on social platforms like LinkedIn
  • Getting articles published and becoming a thought leader
  • Attending industry-related and civic events

Spend some time reflecting on how your current clients choose you for projects. Ask owners directly why they decided to work with you. You’ll likely find a common thread – clients prefer working with individuals they trust and who listen to them. A strong personal brand showcases the value you bring to a project. By fostering relationships, operations, and technical teams not only enhance the company’s overall brand but also develop their own personal brands. Repeat clients often request the same team because of the rapport built with them, inadvertently strengthening their personal brands. 

Lindsay Young, MBA, FSMPS, CPSM is a marketing services advisor with Zweig Group and president and founder of nu marketing. She can be reached at

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