The top 10 Zweig Letter articles of 2022

Jan 06, 2023

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These are 10 of the most read columns that appeared in The Zweig Letter last year, but they represent only a small fraction of the content we released. Thank you to all of our contributors and readers who make The Zweig Letter possible each week! We’re looking forward to another great year of sharing information, inspiration, and advice together. 

Habits of highly ineffective people
Mark Zweig
We’ve all heard about the attributes of highly effective people, but what about the habits of highly ineffective people?
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I’m not here to make it pretty
Mercedez Thompson
It’s worthwhile to continue conversations around what marketing is and is not and why it’s critical to your bottom line.
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A dynamic growth strategy
Ernesto Aguilar
Achieving rapid expansion through both organic and inorganic growth while maintaining a strong, employee-centric culture.
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AEC marketing best practices
Lindsay Young
Best practices for AEC firms will continue to evolve, but firms that take steps to innovate will be the ones that succeed.
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Women in remote-work environments
Kenneth Fulmer
Leaders must support and empower female employees so their visibility does not vanish in the remote workplace.
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Things I would teach my project managers
Mark Zweig
If your project managers did these six things consistently, your projects and your firm would be more successful.
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Lay of the land
Andy Chavez
What characteristics are highly desirable to buyers in the AEC industry right now?
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Cultivating a spirit of gratitude
Brock Hoskins
Express gratitude to those people who are important to you, and find ways to make that a regular practice in your life and throughout your company.
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Organizational entropy
Tom Godin
It’s up to leadership to recognize entropic degradation in their firms and respond energetically to restore order.
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Measure what matters
Justin Smith
There is a disconnect between the training and skills that firms want and need for their project managers and what they provide.
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