Raising the bar

Aug 13, 2023

Zweig Group’s 2023 Best Firms To Work For Award winners share how they’re leading the charge in setting new standards for employee experience.

In a world where workplace culture and employee satisfaction are paramount to success, some firms stand out as pioneers in cultivating outstanding environments for their workforce. Zweig Group’s prestigious Best Firms To Work For Award is a beacon of recognition, honoring top architecture, engineering, and construction companies in the United States and Canada for their exemplary workplace practices, employee benefits, retention rates, and more. These visionary firms are leading the charge in setting new standards for employee experience, offering an unrivaled work environment that grants them a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive labor market. Here’s what some of this year’s No. 1 firms had to say about their wins.

A conversation with Best Firms To Work For Award winners.

The Zweig Letter: How does it feel to be recognized as one of the top AEC firms in the U.S. and Canada based on your workplace practices and employee benefits?

Laura Nick, Chief Communications Officer, Garver: Aspiring for top ranking in Zweig Group’s Best Firms To Work For has become a huge part of our culture at Garver. Our people get excited about it. And we’ve celebrated it in huge ways over the past 10 years. Our clients benefit because we focus on putting our people first. And nothing is more rewarding than the confirmation that our people feel valued, cared for, and that they have the best employee experience. Our people truly are our greatest asset at Garver, and the Best Firms To Work For Award is confirmation that they know it’s true.

TZL: Winning the Best Firms To Work For award is a significant accomplishment. How has this recognition impacted your firm’s overall culture, employee morale and retention, and client perception?

Lauren Witt, Human Resources Manager, Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.: Winning Zweig Group’s Best Firms To Work For Award greatly enhances our overall culture. It validates the existing cultural norms, principles, and policies that Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates has put in place to ensure a healthy and productive work environment. It also encourages leadership to continue prioritizing employee satisfaction, personal growth, and work-life balance and creates a culture of pride and engagement. Recognition as a top firm to work for significantly boosts employee morale as it affirms that employees are in a supportive and positive environment, which increases job satisfaction and loyalty. It assists in reducing turnover and attracting top talent, creating a cycle of attracting and retaining high-quality personnel. From a client perspective, knowing that our firm has been recognized as a top place to work boosts confidence and conveys that we value our employees, which leads to better productivity, innovative solutions, and high-quality customer service. Winning this award has far-reaching benefits including influencing internal culture, employee morale and retention, as well as client perception and we are very grateful to our employees for nominating us again in 2023!

TZL: In your opinion, what sets your firm apart from others in terms of workplace practices and employee satisfaction, contributing to your success in winning this award?

Bethany Evans, Chief Performance Officer, EHS Support: EHS Support does just about everything differently, from how we approach new challenges, to how we treat the people we work with. We appreciate the human element of doing business. We keep our employees happy through a positive, supportive working environment that’s committed to their continual growth. Here, everyone is treated with fairness, honesty, and respect. Your opinion is valued, no matter what your position is within the company. This people-first mindset drives every decision we make and every solution we develop.

Kristy Jordan, Senior Associate & Director of Human Resources, Taylor Design: I may be biased, but I think what sets Taylor Design apart and contributed to our success in winning the Best Firms To Work For Award starts with our recruitment philosophy. We never fill open spots – we hire the person. Even if that means we must think outside the box and create a role tailor-made to their strengths while aligning with our strategic goals. This allows us to surround ourselves with employees who all share the same passion for our markets, trust in each other, and an entrepreneurial spirit to move Taylor Design forward, while making sure that our culture and employee morale is kept at the forefront.

Anonymous, Patel, Greene & Associates, LLC: There’s not one person at PGA I’ve encountered who isn’t happy to be here – and that’s what sets PGA apart. Everyone is committed to the firm’s growth and excited to do it. Overnight stays for our summer and holiday parties and company-paid benefits probably help that too! We are very proud to be recognized, but the award is just a byproduct of our goal which is to be the best and elevate our industry, for the benefit of our employees, their families, and our communities. 

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