NEW product for the AEC Industry provides interactive research on compensation amounts for hundreds of job titles, regions, and demographic characteristics.

Jan 16, 2019

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (January 16, 2019) –Zweig Group is excited to introduce its newest product, the revolutionary Total Compensation Tool. Zweig Group’s legacy product, the Salary Surveys have been an industry standard, providing data on engineering and architecture firm salaries for over two decades. This product builds off the research used to develop those publications, but adds a dynamic component and increased level of detail. All the statistics from architecture, engineering, and construction firms that Zweig Group has tracked for decades – base salaries, bonuses, total compensation, bonuses as a percentage of base salaries, years of experience, and hours worked ­– are analyzed for 125 of the most common job titles in the AEC industry. The tool is broken up into three major tabs: The Charts tab displays an overall view of any job title available in the dropdown box, and presents data in the form of visual graphs. The two major charts on the page show a salary breakdown and total compensation plotted against year of experience. Next, there is a demographics section that allows users to view typical demographics for a given job title, such as age range and gender. This page also shows if individuals within the selected criteria received a bonus and/or were eligible for overtime. The Analysis tab offers data in statistical form. Users can select a specific job title and firm demographics. For example, to view statistics on bonus amounts for Project Managers in the Civil Engineering department, it will show the mean, median, lower quartile, and upper quartile for the position overall, followed by the statistical splits between staff size, age range, gender, and region. The Regional tab presents data by geographic region. In addition to three large regions of the U.S., data can also be viewed by subregion and state. The dynamic chart in the middle of the page automatically sorts the states in descending order to better visualize where each state fares for a certain statistic and job title. This product is now available in Zweig Group’s online store Click here for more details and purchase information.

About Zweig Group

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