Graphic design, marketing, and AEC

Oct 15, 2023

By effectively communicating the complexities of engineering, graphic designers and marketers add value to a AEC firms.

It may seem an unlikely combination at first – graphic design or marketing paired with the technical world of civil engineering. Anyone who studied graphic design or marketing in school might be surprised at the rewarding career paths that can be found within engineering firms.

Graphic design, marketing, and civil engineering all share a fundamental element: communication. Graphic design and marketing require you to understand your audience, convey information effectively, and master the art of storytelling. Similarly, civil engineering, even though more technical, requires the ability to communicate complex concepts to clients, stakeholders, and the public.

This is where graphic design or marketing skills come into play in an engineering firm. These skills can help translate engineering concepts into compelling visuals or narratives, making technical proposals more engaging and understandable. A role in an engineering firm can be a great opportunity to leverage creative skills in a technical field.

If you’re a marketing professional, you’ll find that engineering firms need your expertise to attract new clients, promote projects, and enhance the firm’s brand presence in the industry. Marketing in an engineering context might include strategies to engage potential clients at industry events, campaigns to highlight significant projects, or digital marketing efforts to enhance online presence.

For graphic designers, engineering firms provide an opportunity to use your skills in a unique way. You might be tasked with creating visual elements for proposals, developing marketing materials, or even designing the firm’s website.

Marketing is an extremely broad career field with many points of entry. Some hear the word “marketing” and automatically think of event promotion or social media, but there are many facets to marketing. Clear communication, creativity, and excellent attention to detail are fundamental to those pursuing a career in technical marketing.

As a marketing professional at an engineering firm, you are introduced to an entirely different target market than what you may be used to. Working as a marketer in a technical field has its challenges but will ultimately provide you with skills that transform you into a leading professional.

A marketing or graphic design career within the civil engineering field requires you to market your content to very niche clients. Working with a civil engineering firm teaches you how to communicate concept topics in an effective way to the public and within your company. Agencies and clients from other cities may even request marketing services because their firm may not have an established marketing team.

As unconventional it may seem, the path from graphic design or marketing to a career in an engineering firm is a rewarding one. By effectively communicating the complexities of engineering, you not only add value to an engineering firm but also embark on an exciting and fulfilling career journey. 

Ivy Mendoza is a marketing manager and Justin Patterson is a marketing assistant at MKN.

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