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Recruiting: Strategic Sourcing

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A/E Firms with internal recruiters need sourcing to generate a list of candidates to be contacted in order to find the right hire. However, many firms do not have the ability or time to commit to technical sourcing. This list includes candidates from local, similar firms that match the needs and culture of the firm as closely as possible and will branch out to surrounding areas once local candidates are exhausted.

The solution is to allow Zweig Group to source for the firm. Whether it’s a Senior Wastewater Engineer or a Facilities Manager or another need in the Architecture, Engineering, or Construction (A/E/C) industry, Zweig Group can generate a list of 50-200 qualified candidates to speed up your recruiting efforts.


Technical Sourcing Report (single position): $1000

Description: Firms receive 1 report with candidates which contains contact information for 1 position. The sourcing list will contain at least 50 candidates and will be delivered within one week of the conference call with the buyer.

Specialized Technical Sourcing Report: $1000

Description: This alternative option will allow firms to receive a list with candidates that may or may not involve a job search. Firms may request a list of specified candidates for Research and Development purposes which can be heavily tailored to meet the firm’s need(s).

Technical Sourcing Reports (multiple searches): $3,200

Description: Firms will receive 4 technical sourcing reports with candidates with contact information for 4 different positions. The first sourcing list will be delivered within one week of the conference call with the buyer. Once completed, the client firm may select 3 other positions throughout the month to be sourced.

Monthly Technical Sourcing: $20,000

Description: Firms receive 1 year of technical sourcing from the Zweig Group Executive Search team.  Firms may submit up to 4 positions per month over a 12-month period. Each position will be sourced for and a list of qualified candidates will be delivered via email. This option also allows for the technical sourcing reports to be specialized for Research and Development purposes.

What Firms Receive:

After purchasing Zweig Group’s Technical Sourcing package, a member of the Executive Search team will schedule a conference call to go over the specifics of the candidate(s) that the firm is seeking. The Executive Search team will then begin sourcing and provide a report to the firm with candidate names, position titles, current firm names, contact information (confirmed & unconfirmed, and even detail if each candidate is open to new opportunities or passive. The end result is a comprehensive, unique list that will allow Hiring Managers and Recruiters to hit the ground running for recruiting for any position.

The typical delivery time for any technical sourcing report is one week. The final report will be delivered via email.

Contact Recruiting for more details: recruiting@zweiggroup.com