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ElevateHER® Sponsorship

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We are looking for sponsors and supporters to prevent finances from becoming a barrier for anyone wanting to participate in ElevateHER™, a mission to increase diversity and inclusion in the AEC industry, leading to greater recruitment and retention.

ElevateHER is about the future of the AEC industry and Zweig Group’s commitment to recruiting and retaining the best minds in the industry. It is a recurring annual focus group designed to pragmatically focus on building careers, companies, and communities that flourish, by developing and disseminating actionable plans on issues identified by the class as opportunities for the AEC industry to improve.

Each year, the results from the ElevateHER cohort will be made available to the entire AEC community as open-source materials with recommendations on implementation. The findings of each cohort will be presented live at the ElevateHER Symposium and the ElevateAEC Conference.

Your sponsorship will directly support participants' registration cost, which covers access to Zweig Group’s entire research library (a $5,700 value), the cost to attend (except travel) the in-person kickoff retreat; attendance at a Zweig Group seminar of the participant’s choice, and access to relevant trainings, materials and resources used in the development of project deliverables.

Download the complete Sponsorship Prospectus PDF here.