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A/E Training & Development Cookbook

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Without continued learning and professional development, a firm can become stagnant and stale. Employees can feel stunted in their professional growth and seek opportunities elsewhere.

A/E Training & Development Cookbook will show firm leaders how to efficiently implement and coordinate training and development programs, how to motivate staff to participate, how to measure success in training programs, how to match the right training to the right staff, and how other firms have successfully created a "training and development culture." 
Summary of What's Inside:
  • Learn to train adequately without losing too much billable time
  • Motivate your staff to participate in training
  • Learn to measure return on investment in training programs
  • Effectively communicate the goals and processes of your training program to employees
  • Create a "training and development culture" at your A/E firm
  • Ensure that your successful training and development program improves the bottom line