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2018 Owners Compensation Bundle

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The 2018 Incentive Compensation Survey

The 2018 Principals, Partners and Owners Survey

Insider's Guide to Ownership & Succession Planning  

The 2018 Incentive Compensation Survey has data on the following:

Profit Sharing: Industry research shows nearly all firms base bonuses on company profits, and close to half of firms have profit-sharing plans. With firms’ actual formulas, eligibility standards, and annual spending, this report will show you what your competition is doing in regard to profit sharing.

Performance Bonuses: In order to rise above your competition, it’s important to know what other firms in the business are doing in terms of rewarding high performing employees. Whether they’re using metric criteria or qualitative ratings to calculate the amounts, this report will tell you how much firms are spending on performance bonuses.

Signing and Retention Bonuses: Often a large factor in obtaining top talent, this type of incentive compensation plan can make the difference between a potential key employee choosing to work at your firm or with one of your competitors. Find out what other firms like yours are doing to draw in and retain the top talent in the field.

The 2018 Principals, Partners, and Owners Survey has data on the following:

  • Principal compensation, benefits, and perks
  • Common issues and challenges related to running an A/E/P or environmental consulting firm
  • Qualifications, job requirements, and demographics of principals, partners, & owners in the industry
  • Employment agreements, non-competes, and stock buyback provisions
  • How principals manage time and break down the work day

The Insider’s Guide to Ownership & Succession Planning for Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Consulting Firms second edition is a completely revised comprehensive guide to ownership and succession planning, developed specifically for firms in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting industries. The book provides detailed information about all the options available for ownership and succession planning as well as real-life examples of firms both large and small that have successfully made the transition.