Ezequiel Tovar

Ezequiel Tovar


title::Analyst, Ownership Transition 



As an Ownership Transition Analyst at Zweig Group, located in the Greater Fayetteville, AR area, He works directly with AEC firms to develop and implement successful ownership transition efforts with financial analysis, modeling, valuation, and comprehensive strategic planning. Before joining Zweig Group, he worked as a Tax Intern where he oversaw and organized the accounting team to complete the Business Interruption Grant for eligible business clients who received a total of $325,779 of state funds. During this period, Ezequiel also co-managed with the head CPA on producing a financial aid package that assisted business clients with PPP loans and secured a combined total of $1,583,754 of federal assistance. 

Additionally, he currently serves as an Advisory Board Member at Signature Bank of Arkansas, where he serves to create a lasting impact for the enrichment of the Hispanic community of Northwest Arkansas. In 2021, he was selected as a KPMG Frank Ross Leadership Institute participant. He identified aspects of organizational culture and strategized to overcome any differences, developed practical strategies, and learned how to succeed in the corporate world by enhancing leadership skills. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Financial Management Services from the University of Arkansas Sam Walton College of Business.