Chad Coldiron

Chad Coldiron


Chad Coldiron is a highly experienced Principal and Director of Development at Zweig Group, where he assists AEC firms in critical leadership transitions. With a passion for team and culture building, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both internal and external processes. 

Chad’s professional background includes extensive experience in leadership, retention, recruiting, employee experience, sales, risk management, social behaviors, and contract negotiation. Prior to joining Zweig Group, he developed and directed the client retention department for one of the fastest-growing independent insurance brokerages in the United States.

As an advisor at Zweig Group, Chad has worked with AEC firms across the country on a variety of strategic hiring initiatives, as well as organizational restructuring, ownership transition, employee training, marketing, and growth campaigns. He brings a pragmatic approach to building the right teams, enabling clients to maximize their growth potential while driving down their overall cost per hire.

Chad launched his career by developing strong and valuable relationships in the local and professional communities around Northwest Arkansas. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management from the University of Arkansas’ Walton College of Business. When he’s not busy helping clients achieve their goals, Chad enjoys spending time with his family and friends and engaging with the community that raised him. With a simple and fulfilling life philosophy, Chad is a dedicated professional who puts his expertise and experience to work for his clients.



title::Principal & Director of Development