Shedding the negative energy

Oct 19, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.21.14 AMAnyone who knows me can tell you I’m about as “New Age” as the 1930 Model A Ford sitting in my garage awaiting its flathead V-8 transplant. That said, there really is something to the idea of shedding your negative energy.

I’ve been through a hard summer. Won’t bore you with the details. We all have our individual stories to tell and I’m sure some of our readers have it much harder/worse than I do. But when you get negative it makes you think about how to turn things around. Here are some tactics that I use – good times and bad – to keep the positive energy flowing:

  • Let go of your resentments. Don’t let anyone have that power over you. No matter what someone has done to you stop obsessing over it and move on. That said, don’t be stupid and put yourself in the same position to let history repeat itself.
  • Let go of your enemies. We all have them. People we don’t like for one reason or another. In some cases we’d actually like to see them suffer. Not good. Not helpful to you one bit. Stop devoting any energy to negative thinking about these people.
  • Smile more. Force yourself to do it. It is interesting how when you just smile and greet people in a store such as Wal-Mart (yes – I live in Arkansas – we can even get haircuts there), how people react to you. Some don’t react but many return the smile or pleasantry. And everyone feels better – most importantly YOU!
  • Pick your employees carefully. Who you have working with you does make a big difference. Negative, “can’t do,” and angry/hostile/bitter people are a cancer that will spread. I have seen it time and time again – the damage these people do is never worth their contribution. Shed yourself from it.
  • Pick your friends carefully. Associating with winners and people who have successfully overcome obstacles in their lives will help you feel better. They will encourage you rather than discourage you. That is helpful – especially compared to those who are suffering and want to see you feeling bad, too. Misery loves company, as they say.
  • Do something positive. It could be as simple as cleaning out your garage or attic that you have been procrastinating on, or starting a simple exercise regimen three days a week. But accomplishing something – no matter how small – will help you think more positively.
  • Change your diet. You are what you eat. If you eat healthy food, you’ll feel better. When you feel better you’ll be more positive. There really is a link here. That isn’t saying a big ol’ steak and baked potato are bad – but maybe you should lay off the donuts.
  • Have some time to reflect. This could be your morning workout, evening walk with the dog, or a 300-mile motorcycle ride. Solitary activity where you can disconnect, even if briefly, from the electronic tether, will help increase your positive energy.

Some think there is only so much positive energy to go around. I disagree. I think it is unlimited. But it is up to you. You get what you put out – good or bad. It’s time to shed the negative and get back to the positive – because it is in YOUR best interests to do so!

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