For most architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms now, M&A isn’t an optional part of their strategy – it’s an essential component. Zweig Group’s full-scale Mergers & Acquisitions consulting team can assist in finding and evaluating M&A candidates and structuring the transaction – managing the complicated process from conception to the closing table.

Zweig Group’s team of merger and acquisition consultants are the industry leaders within the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting Industry. At Zweig Group, we approach each project as a cross-functional team consisting of professionals with different expertise working toward a common goal. We blend industry and sector knowledge with experience across the M&A lifecycle to help you capture more value for shareholders.

M&A services

Buyer Representation
Based on your firm’s strategic criteria, we can research and develop a universe of candidate firms that meet your geographic, size, and service goals; pre-quality them; facilitate merger discussions; and close the deal.
Seller Representation
We pre-screen and contact potential buyers, facilitate discussions, and advise on options to achieve the best possible outcome for your shareholders.
Deal Structuring, Negotiation,
and Due Diligence Assistance
The art of deal structuring involves timing, communication and substance. We will guide you through the process and structure a win-win deal for all shareholders involved.
M&A Strategy Consulting
This is where M&A success starts and where we help you to answer the hard questions of what growth really looks like and how a transaction (or firm sale) helps you to achieve your objectives.
Integration Planning & Implementation
We can help you prepare for integration well before a deal closes by setting clear goals for both teams, establishing a champion for the success of the merger, and facilitating results-focused workshops and meetings involving key players from both firms to build the necessary trust. After the deal, we keep the transition as smooth as possible by consistently monitoring progress.
Fairness Options
Whether you are a buyer or seller, our deep industry experience allows us to analyze the unique characteristics of a potential transaction and provide an estimated pricing range. Our proprietary database of AEC transaction multiples allows us to leverage real data from industry deals to provide a view of common market pricing.

Results you can expect

M&A Objectives
Articulated M&A strategy that aligns to your overall corporate strategy
M&A Capability
Clear understanding of what your M&A capability should look like
Deal pipeline and screening process
Robust pipeline and repeatable process for screening potential deals

M&A News

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