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Minds & Machines: Dominating the Convergence of AI and Strategy in AEC in Kansas City

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Zweig Group’s T(AI)SK FORCE will be hosting a two-day symposium to deep dive into AI integration and operations. Our immersive seminars and workshops equip AEC leaders and managers with understanding, insight, and intelligence to identify and act upon AI opportunities within their organizations.

We liken AI to a marathon that never ends. No matter if you walk, run, or sprint, this will be your first step to getting in the race. This training provides a high-impact, hands-on learning experience that is designed to help emerging and current leaders be at the forefront of the AI technological revolution. AI is not a trend or fad, it is a fixture. AI is here to stay.

Using an iterative, compounded approach, this symposium walks you through a master class in AI:


9am - 5pm CT

Module 1 – AI 101
Introduction to AI in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC): Overview of AI and its potential applications in the AEC industry. What is it, how does it work, why now, and how is it going to impact AEC firms? 

Module 2 - Innovative Tools: Illuminating AI Applications
A comprehensive exploration of the programs, apps, and extensions that are currently available and a visionary glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the near future. You will gain valuable insight into the practical applications of AI and their profound implications for your workforce and organization. Key topics include real-world ai applications, use-case studies, emerging tech, and innovative tools and platforms.

Module 3 – AI-Driven Design and Construction
Featured presenter: Taylor Schmidt | Corbu.AI

Discuss the transformative impact of AI on architecture, engineering, and construction.

Part A: Explore how AI can enhance the design process by generating innovative solutions, optimizing building layouts, and improving energy efficiency. Showcase case studies and tools that leverage AI algorithms for intelligent architectural exploration.

Part B: Explore the integration of AI and robotics in the construction processes. Discuss the use of autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotic systems for tasks such as site inspections, material delivery, and construction assembly.

Part C: Engineering and Energy Optimization: Illustrate how AI can contribute to engineering and optimization in MEP, structural, and civil design.

Module 4 – Intelligent Project Management
Discuss AI-powered project management tools that enable efficient scheduling, resource allocation, and task tracking. Highlight the benefits of AI in optimizing construction project workflows and improving overall project performance.

Module 5 – Business Development, Sales, Proposals, and Marketing
Featured presenter: Rachelle Ray | RMR Consulting
About Joist.AI and Adobe Firefly and other specific sales and marketing tools and strategies.

Module 6 – Data Privacy, Security, and Ownership in AI Applications / Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI Adoption
Discuss the challenges and best practices for ensuring data privacy and security when implementing AI systems in the AEC industry. Address concerns related to data collection, storage, sharing, ownership, and compliance with contracts, NDAs, copyright, and relevant regulations and laws.

Module 7 – AI Draft Plan
Review questions that would lead to an AI plan.


9am - Noon CT

Module 8 - Leveraging AI in Your Value Differentiation and Beyond
Featured presenter: Dawn F. Landry | Authentizity
Have you ever struggled with answering a Client when they ask, “Why you; why not them?” That question will drive even more challenges as AI continues to level the competitive landscape in the coming years. We will workshop this topic and offer valuable, practical solutions for immediate application in your firm.

Module 9 - Firm-Wide Systemic Operational Shifts
As we move from the weeds to a bird’s-eye view, we’ll take some time to think bigger and better. How can and should AI impact your organizational chart, billable/utilization rate, business operations, and professional development (training/education)? How do you help your people be more creative, productive, and efficient when they shift from reactive to proactive by embracing AI throughout their daily workflow?

Module 10 – Industry Collaboration and Future Trends
We will foster wrap-up discussions on the collaboration between AEC professionals and AI experts, as well as emerging trends and future possibilities in the integration of AI with the built environment. The group will brainstorm and share ideas about next steps.

What’s most important is that from this symposium, you will begin to solve the most challenging AI issues and how you can specifically take advantage of the opportunities that will benefit your firm. 

Attendees will have time to work through business use-cases that focus on leading an AI initiative In their own firm that overcomes fear and uncertainty and addresses AI integration, growth and success, recruiting and retention, upskilling staff to close competency gaps, and enhancing staff and client experience.   

At the conclusion of this training, attendees will leave with a personalized AI draft plan, an abundance of understanding about AI, how to successfully lead the implementation of AI at their organization, and key business insights to bring back to their firm.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Experienced principals looking to enhance their knowledge of AI and how to successfully lead their firm through this technological transformation
  • Department, division, or business function leads that will be empowered to handle AI issues inside their firms
  • Project Managers and Senior Project Managers who are looking to take on AI leadership roles within their firms.

Whether you're just beginning your AI journey or seeking to expand your existing AI initiatives, this symposium will equip you with the knowledge and understanding needed to chart decisive next steps and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI implementation. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of AI's potential within the AEC industry and equip you with the knowledge needed to harness the transformative power of AI in your respective role and firm. See how quickly the extraordinary can become customary.


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 Continuing Education 

This 1 1/2 day symposium is approved for 12 LU/12 PDH/1.2 CEU. Upon completion, attendees will receive a certificate of completion electronically for self-reporting. Zweig Group is a registered continuing education provider with the American Institute of Architects and SHRM.